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What do other love birds say: 

Hi dikshi (aunty) and hugs. I appreciate the way you are making a social breakthrough in our country. Tumhara fucker kehne ka andaaz laajawab tha ;) I'm trying to learn with fun from your modules. I'm following Stay Uncle since I saw it on Awaaz Entrepreneur.Good luck !

Hitesh Sukalka

Hey Dikshie. I actually love all the grooming tips you advice . Would watch your next video tomorrow  and share it with few friends from college.
You are absolutely doing a great job. Lots of hugs and love to you

Amol Sawant

In the previous video i learned how to listen to the communication and not to interrupt in between. You know what i never tried to impress anyone and i will never do so..., just bcauz, i would like to be myself, Although i used to get more proposals during college which i never focued on..., but now im looking for a perfect partner. :D.

Sanjay Babu